When Parting Ways Becomes Necessary

As I reflected on my last post on seeking truth and maintaining cordial relations with others despite our disagreements, I felt that something was missing.  So I figured I’d do a follow up post that offers some balance.  What was missing was an acknowledgment of the unfortunate reality that despite our intentions of good will, … Continue reading When Parting Ways Becomes Necessary


What is Truth?

We disagree—you, me, everyone.  Like fingerprints, every single individual’s worldview and perspective are unique.  No two people on this earth will agree on everything.  So we argue and fight over the issues that are most important to us. Working through issues on which we disagree can be extremely educational, but our disagreements can also create … Continue reading What is Truth?

A Formula for Birth?

The goal of all religion is to overcome the negative aspects of humanity—the fallen state in which we exist.  As far as I know, all religions provide some formula for attaining perfection, a god-state, higher consciousness, heaven, nirvana, or redemption.  The end states vary slightly, but the formulas are generally very similar, involving ritual, human … Continue reading A Formula for Birth?

Dissecting the Trinity, Part III

Dissecting the Trinity, Part I Dissecting the Trinity, Part II As we continue to look at the various Christian views of the nature of God, there is one hybrid view that is likely to be rejected by both strict Trinitarians and strict Unitarians but I believe, manages to preserve the most accurate view of the … Continue reading Dissecting the Trinity, Part III

Dissecting the Trinity, Part II

Dissecting the Trinity, Part I One of the most inflexible dogmas of most Christian denominations is their view of the nature of God.  Most denominations label competing views as heretical, and emotions tend to flare when discussing the subject.  Because the traditional views of the nature of God contain some aspects that seem unsupported and … Continue reading Dissecting the Trinity, Part II

Dissecting the Trinity, Part I

One of the “essentials” of Christian doctrine is the trinitarian view of the nature of God.  Trinity is a word created out of tri- (three) and unity—a concept designed to describe the supposed three-part nature of God.  This view usually presents either three beings in a harmonious relationship or a single being with three parts.  … Continue reading Dissecting the Trinity, Part I

The Problem With Religion

Religion is any human-centric or man-powered attempt to reconcile ourselves with God.  Religion has produced many beautiful buildings and is the source of some interesting cultural pageantry.  But religion (yes, even the Christian religion) is functionally useless, for it does not achieve the reconciliation or healing that mankind desires.  In fact, it proves to be … Continue reading The Problem With Religion

Political Coercion vs. Spiritual Transformation

Apparently there’s a pretty lively debate among Christians regarding the appropriate approach to criminalizing abortion.  One side will accept nothing less than complete prohibition, while the other side thinks it more realistic to attempt an incremental approach, gradually working through the legal system to put smaller prohibitions in place until a full ban is achieved.  … Continue reading Political Coercion vs. Spiritual Transformation