A Clearer View of the Bible

Over the centuries, Christians have taken the bible and elevated it to the status of God Himself.  Instead of using it as pieces of evidence—as pieces of the puzzle that help us see key parts of the infinite picture of God and the finite but incredibly complex picture of we humans, they frequently use it … Continue reading A Clearer View of the Bible


The Intersection of Faith and Reason

Faith is not a guess that you feel really good about. True faith is knowledge based upon credible evidence.  If, because my friend told me that investing in the stock market is a sure thing, I believe that the stock market will perpetually grow with no hiccups, my faith is based upon faulty reasoning at … Continue reading The Intersection of Faith and Reason

Stockholm Syndrome in the Church

A common theme throughout much of my writing is the detrimental effects of religion on society and on individuals.  Most people believe that religion is a necessary corollary to a belief in God, but this is not the case.  Religion is nothing more than a human-contrived attempt to appease a God who is presumably angry … Continue reading Stockholm Syndrome in the Church