A Tribute to Moms

Silhouette of Mother and Child

Photo Credit:  Wyncliffe

Since the dawn of humanity, mothers have been nurturing and sustaining life.  By working to strengthen their families, they have collectively formed the greatest force for peace this world has known.  They are a critical variable in the family equation.  It doesn’t matter how you rearrange the other numbers—without them, the formula just doesn’t work.

They endure endless frustration as their kids struggle to learn and grow and endeavor to become adults—usually doing things the hard way instead of the way mom said to do them.  And who is always standing by to clean up the mess, patch up the wounds, and soothe shattered self-images?  Mom is.

So to those who put their family’s wellbeing ahead of their own interests…

To those who ignore the inane voices of the self-serving, unproductive whiners who deride everything about motherhood (including breastfeeding because it reinforces gender stereotypes) and choose to care for their children because they love them…

To those who work ridiculously long hours—whether inside the home or outside—to provide for their children…

To those who sacrifice sleep, comfort, and personal goals so that their children have food to eat, and clothes to wear…

To those who teach the next generation the principles of right and wrong so that they can face a corrupt world head-on…

To those who don’t just tolerate their husbands, they gently guide them and build them into better men than they would have ever become on their own…

To those who raise their children to be productive and upright citizens and send them out into the world to do great things… I assure you, you have contributed far more to making this world a better place than any man or woman has by working in a corporation, and we are forever in your debt.

My hat is off to you, and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

Thanks, Mom.

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