The Greatest Movie Ever Produced

A legend is told of a talented screenwriter who wrote what was purported to be the greatest movie script of all time.  Because he wanted to ensure his movie was faithful to his vision, he produced and directed the movie himself.  The movie was lengthy and quite controversial, and it received mixed reviews. Over time, … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Produced


Choose Life

Humans universally spend a tremendous amount of time debating how we (and by we, I mean other people) should act.  We have laws to govern our behavior.  We have religious codes of conduct that are even more restrictive.  The arguing over whether we should have stricter or more permissive laws is endless.  Religious denominations fight … Continue reading Choose Life

Set Up to Fail

I’ve had some thoughts rattling around my mind for the last week or two, and then I saw this great post from Michael Clark.  He provides insight into a problem I’ve faced and which I think many Christians face, and I figured I’d add some reinforcement. I get the impression that many Christians have it in … Continue reading Set Up to Fail