I Didn’t Sign Up for This!

I didn’t sign up for this.  No one asked me if I wanted to be born.  No one asked me if I wanted to be brought into this world, to experience pain, face rejection, and confront my own insecurities.  To deal with biological impulses that tend to lead me to make selfish decisions.  To be … Continue reading I Didn’t Sign Up for This!

Lessons From a Dandelion

I looked out at my front yard this morning and shook my head at all the dandelions that had sprung up, almost overnight it seemed.  One day the lawn was grass trying to trade winter brown for spring green, the next it was a carpet of yellow dandelions.  The hardy, nutrition-packed weed is the bane … Continue reading Lessons From a Dandelion

Your Politics is as Bad as Mine

Religion and politics are historical bedfellows, and the Christian religion has been no exception.  Throughout its history, Christianity (the religion) has offered example after example of power-hungry leaders forging alliances with political systems to gain even more coercive power over the masses.  What they couldn’t accomplish through guilt, they attempted to accomplish through force. Here … Continue reading Your Politics is as Bad as Mine

The Bible is Not God’s Rule Book

The bible is frequently referred to as God’s Word, God’s Law, or God’s Rule Book—our road map, a light to guide us, a manual for living.  These descriptions are very common but gross mischaracterizations of the bible that are used to support a view of God as King/Master/Judge/ and man as subject/slave/criminal defendant. For the … Continue reading The Bible is Not God’s Rule Book