Deliver Us From Evil

I wonder if a more accurate understanding of deliver us from evil is “God, please help me to refrain from succumbing to the temptation to do evil.”  In other words, maybe it’s not “don’t let anything bad happen to me,” but rather it’s “keep me from becoming one who inflicts evil on others.”  To me, this is a much more mature approach to human nature and the knife edge of good intentions on which we balance, with benevolence on one side and monstrous evil on the other.

To Sustain a Society

In a time when American society is becoming increasingly characterized by ideological segregation and in which political domination is the loftiest goal, it is worth considering what it takes to maintain a viable society. To put it simply, a society needs to produce more than it consumes in order to grow. If a society produces … Continue reading To Sustain a Society