In the New Beginning…

Winter SunriseThis is a repost from last year with slight editing.  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

In the new beginning, God brought heaven to earth.

And the earth was devastated and ruined, and spiritual darkness covered the abyss we were in.

And God said, “Let there be Light!”  And there was light.  And the One who brought life was a light to all mankind.  And that Light remains shining in the darkness, and the darkness could not extinguish it.

And life needed a habitat.  So God said, “Let the dry land appear.”  And He appeared.

And as He came out of the water, the Spirit of God which had been hovering over the water, at last found a place to rest.

And God spoke.  And His Message became human and lived among us.

And those of us who followed Him saw His glory—the glory that could only originate from the Father’s only Son.

And to those who received him, to them he gave the right to become children of God.


It was Frank Viola who first pointed me to the parallel between the story of creation in Genesis and the story of the re-creation as told by John.  He masterfully reveals the parallel in his book From Eternity to Here.  Please forgive the liberties I’ve taken with the text in the preceding section, but when you read Genesis 1 and John 1 in parallel, the magnitude of the birth of Jesus two thousand years ago becomes astounding beyond words.

In Jesus, John saw God—the Father whose image had been obscured by millennia of misdeeds and futile attempts to redeem ourselves.  Imagine the awe John felt when it finally dawned on him that the one he had walked with for three years was in fact, the Chosen One—God’s Son who stepped into our fallen world to rescue us from the mess we created and bring us back to His kingdom—and he at last understood what God was truly like.

If you’ve ever seen a glimpse of that Light, then you know there is hope for mankind.

If you’ve ever seen a glimpse of that light, then you wouldn’t be able to keep from sharing that glimpse with those who are looking for hope.

If only He was all the world could see…
They would clamor at our door—find the life they hunger for!
-Randy Stonehill and Phil Madeira, “In Jesus Name”

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