A Simple Plan

Imagine that you and I live in a modestly sized community.  When we first formed the community, we all agreed on a simple plan to protect the community.  Every time someone did something to harm the community, we would lock them in a large enclosure and isolate them from the community.

It took several months, but eventually, we had our first offender.  We regretfully placed him within the enclosure.  As time went on, we found that we periodically had to place others inside this enclosure.  After a while, someone noticed that the enclosure was becoming more and more crowded.  But we all decide that the community was better off with the evil people isolated, so we kept our system in place.Island Prison

More time went by, and we noticed that our community was dwindling.  Apparently, the conditions in the enclosure were getting pretty intolerable, too.  But what could we do?  We couldn’t allow evil people to threaten our community.  Eventually, our community dwindled to just five of us.  Apparently, we were the only good ones.

There are hundreds of people now inside the enclosure.  Their existence is miserable.  They feel like they are in hell.  I guess it’s too bad that they made the choices they did.  Apparently, they think that the five of us that remain outside the compound are evil and oppressive.  Messed up world, huh?

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