Ever since the cycle of violence began to spiral out of control, the majority of humans have rejected a theistic solution to human violence and have endeavored to create a system that simply did not permit conflict. Rather than seeking to reconcile with our Creator, we spend all our energy building artificial structures to regulate other people’s behavior according to our preferences. In the process of creating these structures, we have produced negative psychological and physiological effects on individuals that in turn, reduce our society’s ability to actually progress.  By emphasizing following procedures over problem solving and good judgment, we’ve essentially shut down the part of our brain that performs these functions.  The result is that our brains’ right hemispheres have atrophied. It’s time we stopped looking for systemic solutions to our problems and began reconnecting the two halves of our brain.

Extreme and Reactionary

Extreme and reactionary.  Not a good mix.  There is a  time and place for both individually, but typically not for both together.  For instance, there may be a time when things are so bad that a radical course correction is needed—something relatively extreme.  There may also be a time to be reactionary—to make a hasty … Continue reading Extreme and Reactionary