Forever on the Scaffold

A screed launched into the arena of public discourse via your iPhone from the sheltered grandstand of your car as you transit from one Safe Space to another is a good way to burn down the society you are purportedly trying to improve.

What John Saw

In the new beginning, God brought heaven to earth. And the earth was chaotic and terrifying; and darkness covered the abyss.  But the Spirit of God hovered over the chaos, and God spoke. And the Word of truth that He spoke in the beginning, was with God, and was in fact, God. And the Word … Continue reading What John Saw


Sometimes the Wood Does What it Wants

One of the things I dabble in—mostly for therapeutic reasons—is woodworking.  I’m far from being a master craftsman, and calling me an artist would be beyond generous.  But I’ve made enough things out of chunks of trees to have detected some patterns--and anti-patterns--in the character of wood.  Because of the Interrelatedness of Things, these patterns … Continue reading Sometimes the Wood Does What it Wants