I’m Still Here

Without necessarily intending to, I’ve taken the last eight months off from blogging.  I’ve missed it, and I keep feeling the tug from the blogosphere, but life has been full of challenges and new endeavors that have forced me to carefully prioritize my time.

I haven’t stopped writing.  I write at work.  I’m taking college classes that have demanded a hefty amount of writing, and I’m working through the process of publishing my first book–a young adult novel.

I intend to continue to blog occasionally and to offer what I hope are useful ideas during a time when public discourse seems to be waning at an alarming rate.  We’re learning all too clearly that the future is as unpredictable as it’s ever been.  That’s ok.  That’s what makes life interesting and a challenge worth tackling.  Now is the time to pull together, and I hope that those who can respond to life’s challenges with a level head and a willingness to engage in thoughtful dialogue will have some influence in our society.

I feel as if blogging may be a very small way for me to contribute to that effort, so I shall endeavor to offer my meager thoughts as a way to stimulate thought and dialogue.

Take courage, and I’ll see you on the Frontier.

2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Hi Norm, sounds like you have been really busy. I’m with you on the issue of writing. I have an interest to write but having a time when I do not feel like I have much to say right now. I also intend on continuing, maybe just not as regular for a while. Glad to know you are still there.
    Jim Gordon


    • You too, Brother. Seasons in life, right? I think God’s spirit moves us in different directions–sometimes to force us to grow (definitely the case in my life), and sometimes to help others. Glad you’re sticking around!


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