The Proposal

A ritual should never be worshipped for it’s own sake, but tradition should perhaps not be mocked simply because its meaning has been lost.  And once in a while, we would do well to reflect on the deeper meanings of traditions that have been forgotten. The marriage proposal in particular, despite its sometimes cliche feel, retains some rich symbology if you look deeper.  It is a beautiful symbol of love and sacrifice and commitment.


Question Everything

Should we question everything?  Clever, right?  I will tell you up front that I believe the answer is an emphatic “Yes.  We should question everything.”  And yes, we should even consider whether or not it is wise to question everything. “Question everything” is a phrase that has become a bit cliche and sounds like it should … Continue reading Question Everything

Was Jesus’ Response to Violence Effective?

It seems to me that violence is increasing in our society. Whether that perception is accurate, or is faulty and based on sensationalized news coverage, I don't know.  Regardless, the issue has led me to spend a lot of time recently pondering the best way to handle the problem of violence.  In particular, I’ve been … Continue reading Was Jesus’ Response to Violence Effective?

Your Politics is as Bad as Mine

Religion and politics are historical bedfellows, and the Christian religion has been no exception.  Throughout its history, Christianity (the religion) has offered example after example of power-hungry leaders forging alliances with political systems to gain even more coercive power over the masses.  What they couldn’t accomplish through guilt, they attempted to accomplish through force. Here … Continue reading Your Politics is as Bad as Mine