The Bible Is Not the Source of Truth

Truth is reality.  When our perception differs from reality, we are in error.  Sometimes we perceive a portion of reality which we extrapolate to describe the entirety of reality.  This is also an error.  See the story of the blind men and the elephant for an illustration. One of the greatest errors of Western Christianity, is … Continue reading The Bible Is Not the Source of Truth


Throwing Rotten Tomatoes at the Audience

There was a time when audience members would throw rotten tomatoes at lousy stage performers.  In Christianity, we sort of have a metaphorical reverse of that concept where the ones on the stage throw proverbial rotten tomatoes at members of the audience who dare challenge The Narrative. Question policy?  You’re a nuisance. Question methodology?  You’re … Continue reading Throwing Rotten Tomatoes at the Audience

A Method of Controlling the Masses

We rarely question why it is… that we’re all arranged in pews and looking [in] one direction, which renders us passive, muted spectators for the majority of the service wherein we’re becoming... experts in inspecting the neck of the person in front of us…  -Frank Viola1 The United States Marine Corps has been perfecting its … Continue reading A Method of Controlling the Masses

Thoughts on Eternal Punishment

The question of eternal punishment for the “unsaved” seems to keep popping up these days.  I’ve read several well-reasoned (as opposed to strictly emotional) articles over the last few days on this topic, one of which was Jim Gordon’s post on hell over at Done With Religion.  It was a thought-provoking article, and I really … Continue reading Thoughts on Eternal Punishment

Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Jesus’ message is often rejected—not just by non-Christians, many of whom aren’t actually familiar with His true message, but by many Christians—the self-proclaimed religious elite of our day.  Jesus brought a message of freedom, forgiveness, kindness, reconciliation, and hope.  It sounds good, and if we all followed His simple principles of loving God to the … Continue reading Of Such is the Kingdom of Heaven

The Transcendent Significance of Human Sexuality

A weirdly self-contradicting fallacy which our culture clutches like a drunk clutches a half-empty bottle of booze is that sexual identity is paramount, yet sexual activity is itself, insignificant.  The popular narrative offers confusing justification for pursuing uninhibited sexuality:  “It’s just entertainment—so it’s ok.”  “You are defined by your chosen sexual identity—so it’s ok.”   … Continue reading The Transcendent Significance of Human Sexuality

The Greatest Movie Ever Produced

A legend is told of a talented screenwriter who wrote what was purported to be the greatest movie script of all time.  Because he wanted to ensure his movie was faithful to his vision, he produced and directed the movie himself.  The movie was lengthy and quite controversial, and it received mixed reviews. Over time, … Continue reading The Greatest Movie Ever Produced

Choose Life

Humans universally spend a tremendous amount of time debating how we (and by we, I mean other people) should act.  We have laws to govern our behavior.  We have religious codes of conduct that are even more restrictive.  The arguing over whether we should have stricter or more permissive laws is endless.  Religious denominations fight … Continue reading Choose Life