The Proposal

The man saw something in her that told him she was special. Her eyes occasionally softened with compassion when she passed those who were less fortunate, and she sometimes straightened up and stared at the horizon with something almost like longing in her eyes. The stress lines in her face only just concealed an incomparable beauty. He was certain that she was the one.


The Big Lie

We usurp the role of God, then look in the mirror only to find that we're staring into the eyes of the devil. It’s the corrupted image of something that used to be human. Something that has embraced an evil which clutches us with dead fingers and pulls us into a lover’s embrace from which we cannot break free.

Destroying the Environment

This creature, ostensibly for the sake of survival, spends its time wreaking havoc on the landscape, tearing up the earth, leaving enormous amounts of waste in its aftermath, and radically changing the world for the other creatures with whom it happens to share its environment.

Misinformation About Misinformation

Now, more than ever, it is critical for us to be perceptive and wise. If we don’t decide here and now that truth is our ultimate pursuit, then I fear that we will watch the world around us disintegrate into self-destruction. And a lot of people are going to suffer.