Above Criticism?

Let’s talk about criticism.  For starters, let’s understand what criticism really is.  To criticize something or to critique it, implies that you are examining an argument or a writing or a performance of some sort, and trying to determine its accuracy or its worthiness.  While there are nuanced connotative differences between the words criticize and … Continue reading Above Criticism?

The Intersection of Faith and Reason

As a seeker of truth, I require evidence that something is true before I will believe it.  Many Christians who feel compelled to make the rest of the world believe exactly as they do—typically the ones who have no evidence to substantiate their beliefs—bristle at this and accuse me of trusting my intellect over God’s revelation.

Coercing Belief

When someone says they are taking a belief on faith, realize that their “faith” has to come from somewhere.  If it doesn’t come from evidence, it is coming from a feeling, from some other human “authority” figure, or from peer pressure. I will freely admit that I don’t have all the answers.  I may be a skeptic, but I’m willing to be convinced.  I just need to see evidence before I’ll accept something as true.  I refuse to assent to an assertion as being true just because someone else believes it. 

And All God’s People Said?

When our religion is characterized by a one-way flow of ideas and psychological manipulation designed to produce unquestioning compliance, then it’s time to start asking what the manipulators are hiding, and it’s time to start looking for a better way.

Deliver Us From Evil

I wonder if a more accurate understanding of deliver us from evil is “God, please help me to refrain from succumbing to the temptation to do evil.”  In other words, maybe it’s not “don’t let anything bad happen to me,” but rather it’s “keep me from becoming one who inflicts evil on others.”  To me, this is a much more mature approach to human nature and the knife edge of good intentions on which we balance, with benevolence on one side and monstrous evil on the other.

A Formula for Birth?

The goal of all religion is to overcome the negative aspects of humanity—the fallen state in which we exist.  As far as I know, all religions provide some formula for attaining perfection, a god-state, higher consciousness, heaven, nirvana, or redemption.  The end states vary slightly, but the formulas are generally very similar, involving ritual, human … Continue reading A Formula for Birth?

Dissecting the Trinity, Part II

Dissecting the Trinity, Part I One of the most inflexible dogmas of most Christian denominations is their view of the nature of God.  Most denominations label competing views as heretical, and emotions tend to flare when discussing the subject.  Because the traditional views of the nature of God contain some aspects that seem unsupported and … Continue reading Dissecting the Trinity, Part II