A Balanced Approach to Gender Relations – Part I

Miyamoto Musashi, one of the greatest swordsmen of all time, taught that you become a warrior when you stop trying to become a warrior.  It’s all very zen-ish, and it took me years to understand what he meant.  Now that I understand it (I think), I can see how this perspective applies to many areas … Continue reading A Balanced Approach to Gender Relations – Part I

A Balanced Response to a Sexually Unrestrained Culture

Over the last 30 years, American cultural views of sexuality have changed dramatically.  Divorce was once seen as an unfortunate occurrence.  Premarital sex was frowned upon.  Homosexuality and transgender body modification were considered to be immoral and shameful.  Today, divorce is almost a statistical probability for married couples, premarital sex is expected, and homosexual partnerships … Continue reading A Balanced Response to a Sexually Unrestrained Culture

Why Isn’t the Truth About God Easy to See?

Lately I’ve been struggling with the question of why a clear picture of God frequently seems so inaccessible.  There are so many conflicting views that the image of the Creator often seems murky at best, when you’d think it should be the clearest thing in the world.  I think it’s likely that our religious constructs … Continue reading Why Isn’t the Truth About God Easy to See?

Hashtags of the 20th Century

I hate hashtags.  I’m pretty sure that they are little, digital pieces of lunacy that the devil sprinkled into the Ethernet when no one was looking.  Originally used to tag messages and pictures to make them easy to find when searching for a specific topic, they quickly evolved into a way to express humor, disapproval, or … Continue reading Hashtags of the 20th Century

Another Failed Religion

Throughout history, we see attempt after attempt by man to overcome the dark side of humanity and placate God, who was thought to be the origin of punishment when man suffered consequences for his poor decisions.  The authors of the books of the bible frequently illustrate this.  Those who recognize the existence of a creator intuitively … Continue reading Another Failed Religion


Have you ever seen a pot-bound plant?  Perhaps you’ve bought a plant from a nursery that’s been sitting on the shelf for a long time.  You remove the plant from the pot—roots, soil, and all—intending to plant it in the ground.  What you find is that the plant has become pot-bound.  The roots are winding … Continue reading Pot-bound

Fear-Based Decisions

As is typically the case, fear is driving the discussion in virtually every facet of American political life.  Fomenting fear is a very useful tool to those seeking political power.  Encourage people to be afraid and promise them a solution--a solution that always involves the political leaders handling the problem through The System.  All that's … Continue reading Fear-Based Decisions

Life and Death Decisions

People frequently walk through life with two mental crutches:  politics and religion.  These crutches are mechanisms that people frequently use to avoid dealing with problems.  These crutches form barriers to relationships and inhibit personal growth.  They retard the development of wisdom, resilience, and courage.  When we lean on the mechanism of religion as a replacement for … Continue reading Life and Death Decisions