The Pursuit

Weak and broken
No word spoken
Fragile spirits have awoken
Earthly systems most unjust.
Freedom beckons
The wise man reckons
Sharpening eternal weapons
Life says “Try,” so try I must.

No more kneeling at the altar
Masses lined up for the slaughter
The choice before me fight or falter
The souls of men have turned to dust.
The high road looming narrow, straight
And enemies are at the gate.
The time is short, the hour late,
And none will go, so go I must.

Foundations shaken
Truth forsaken
A call for hearts to reawaken
While carnal weapons turn to rust.
The world demands I kneel or die
Voices screaming fight or fly
“No surrender!” is my cry,
And none will stand, so stand I must.

The torch has passed to faithful hands
Vision dimmed by shadowlands
All but one unbroken band
To my God my soul I trust.
The evening bell begins to chime
A life constrained by space and time
The ending of my upward climb
He bids me stay, so stay I must.

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